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Allison has treated me twice successfully with a homeopathic remedy in 2008. I have learnt to seek homeopathic treatment for any future needs and not waste time in pain again.First I was really suffering with what my doctor described as seasonalallergies. I was told that my headaches and fatigue were something I was going to have to learn to live with.Home renovations with paint odours were a problem.Faced with workplace renovations as well I turned in desperation to a homeopathytreatment with Allison. The following week I no longer suffered with headaches and fatigue. I was very appreciative.Two months later I injured my shoulder and the pain didnít decrease with time. Six weeks later I went to my doctor who described the injury as shoulder bursitis/ tendonitis. The pain was present all the time and it woke me from a deep sleep. My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory pills and physiotherapy. The physiotherapist attempted to reduced the inflammation then designed exercises to strengthen the shoulder when I had less pain. The anti-inflammatory pills had some uncomfortable side effects. Weeks later I had a homeopathic treatment with Allison. During our consultation, her questions concerned both my body and mind. What dreams did I have? What are my fears? I learnt a lot about myself and I felt much better after my treatment.

Linda Darby

Chris Stanley-JonesDuring the early stages of Allison's homeopathic career, I underwent treatment from her for an on-going irritation that made me feel as though I had a "leaf" stuck in my lower throat, not my wind pipe. Allison provided consultation and a dosage for me. I took this single pill, tiny it was, and within days my symptoms were gone. Perhaps more importantly, that relief was long term -- more than 10 years without any reoccurrence.

Chris Stanley-Jones, formerly of Victoria, BC

“A few years ago I really had an opportunity to give homeopathy a test. I woke up one morning to find that my right ear had gone almost completely deaf. I went to my family doctor, who immediately referred me to an ear specialist. The specialist tested me, determined that I had extensive inner ear inflammation of unknown etiology, requisitioned an MRI, and prescribed a 30-day supply of intensive prednisone therapy to bring down the inflammation. I enquired about side effects, and he duly listed them. I was terrified. On the one hand, possible permanent hearing loss; on the other, edema, bone loss, liver toxicity, rages and god knows what else.

In the end I found I was more afraid of the prednisone than I was of the deafness. It was then I decided to call Allison and give her a free hand with this. She was amazing. First, her care and concern. She dropped everything she was doing to focus on finding me a remedy. Time was of the essence if a reversal were to be effected, and Allison was totally there for me. She found a remedy and I was able to take it within 24 hours of leaving the specialist. Within days the hearing began to return.

A week later I went to the specialist for a check-up. He tested my hearing and was pleased to report how well my hearing had improved and told me to finish taking my supply of prednisone. I didnít tell him I hadnít been taking it. When I went for my last check-up at the end of the month, he found that my hearing in the right ear tested even better than the hearing in the left one. I never told him I hadnít taken the prednisone because I really wanted an unbiased report on the progress of the homeopathic treatment so I could determine whether I could really rely on homeopathy in the future.

I guess to be really scientific, I would have to say that Allisonís homeopathy was 100% effective. Iíve heard wonderful things about Allisonís ability from friends, but of course I value my own experience the most highly! Her readiness to help, and above all her intuitive ability to find the right remedy really impressed me. I have every confidence in consulting with her in the future and would recommend her without reservation.”

Nadhia Sutara, M.A.

“For about 15 years Homeopathy has been helping me to understand and heal myself. With Allison I have been able to stop having three day sick headaches and to manage chronic inflammation. Short bouts of rheumatoid arthritis, esophagitis, and rosacia have surprised my allopathic doctor when they ceased to give me pain and discomfort.”

“Allison's ability to both listen and hear are essential to the healing process.  Also, she is creative and intuitive in her research for the remedy.  The effectiveness of the Homeopathic process is due to the philosophy that a person heals himself with the help of materials and relationships and self-awareness.”

Arlene Nesbitt, BA Art Education

“I had been struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder for many years, and had developed Restless Leg Syndrome as a side effect of antidepressents. I dealt with allergies and asthma since childhood. Allison found a remedy for me that addressed these health problems as a whole. Soon my biggest challenge was to accept the fact that I was healthy and strong, and I no longer needed to live in the protective, careful manner of the past. While some concerns recur with
fatigue and stress (and the symptoms are greatly reduced) depression has
been alleviated most profoundly. I haven't taken antidepressent medication since being treated with my homeopathic remedy, and I haven't been depressed since 2000.”

Lindsay Beal
March 2005

“Pregnant with my first child, I suffered from morning sickness that lasted all day and part of the night. Allison found an individual homeopathic remedy for me, based on my whole history, and it worked like nothing else had. Her sensitive and intuitive prescription helped me to weather the nauseous storm and continue doing the things I needed to do out in the world.”

Claire Winterton

“Homeopathy has made a huge positive impact on my health. It got to the root of a problem that has been plaguing me for years and eliminated it. It works on a level that very few modalities can and that is the only way that true healing can take place.”

Jeffrey Gawron, Phd. Kinesiology

“It sounds like an informercial to say, “Homeopathy has changed my life,” but it has. When I first took my remedy I thought, “Is this what other people feel all the time? Giddiness in the smallest of things?” Having struggled with depression for years and never known words such as steady, content, secure. My relationships were marked with mood swings, withdrawal and suspicion. Today what is normal for me is much different from a year ago. When I experience mind/body separation it is a shock, no longer an accustomed weight I carry. My remedy is magic. I feel as though I have returned after a long absence, with clarity, ready to do the inner work I was previously unable to do.”


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